asked 8 years ago

i have installed DWQA plugin on my site.
my site is in chinese, and DWQA already has chinese zh_CN translation.
so the translation should be automatically applied, no other setup is needed i guess.

but on my admin page, or frontend page, the translated words in chinese is only around 5%?

my site:

did i miss a step?
if you need to login to my site to investigate, please let me know where i should send my login detail to.


1 Answers
answered 8 years ago

At the moment, in the latest version, we have updated but still lose some words in the .Po file. You can add some following codes to your .po file:

#: templates/archive-question-filter.php:14
msgid "Filter:"
msgstr ""

#: templates/archive-question-filter.php:22
msgid "Unanswered"
msgstr ""

#: inc/Template.php:78
msgid "What do you want to know?"
msgstr ""

#: templates/content-question.php:31
msgid "views"
msgstr ""

#: templates/content-question.php:35
msgid "answers"
msgstr ""

#: templates/content-question.php:39
msgid "votes"
msgstr ""

In the Sort by section, you can open the archive-question-filter.php file and line 32 to change.

Or find in your .Po file the following code line. If it’s empty, you can add this code to your .Po file.

 #: templates/archive-question-filter.php:32
msgid "Sort by"
msgstr ""

Hope this helps!

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