Arp Laszlo
asked 5 years ago

In DWQA, when you click on username in either questions or answers, it links to a page of their content in this format:
In addition, the breadcrumb on this page says this:
Forum › Author “(username)”
DWQA reveals the username for all users!!! I had to check my profile settings to see if I’d set my username as a my Nice Name but no, I had not.
Is it your intention to make brute force attacks easier? Or perhaps to increase the liability for anyone using the plugin on their site? The decision behind this is INSANE.
There are no settings to avoid this so you better have an immediate solution ready. I’m surprised you haven’t been sued over this already.

1 Answers
answered 5 years ago

Thank for your feedback. I sent and notified to our technical team and we will check about this issue. 

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