Marko Jaric
asked 11 years ago

I am using Wallpress and the only things that I want to display are the image and the post text.  I would like to remove/hide the following which are currently displaying within each post:

1) The green “New” designator

2) The post title

3) By author

4) Assigned Category

5) Read More

6) Number of comments

I would like the edit link to continue to appear for administrators

1 Answers
answered 11 years ago

In order to hide/remove some of the elements in a post, you can add the following code to the end of file style.css in folder  /wp-content/themes/wallpress/

 .home .item-header,
.item-meta .item-permalink,
.item-meta .comments-link, .sep {
    display: none;

Or, when you log in as Administrator, by WordPress default you will see an Edit Post menu bar, with this you can directly edit a post conveniently:

Hope this helps!

Marko Jaric
replied 11 years ago

Editing the post would remove the title and the body text, but none of the others. Right?

If I disable comments, then there is a message which says “Comments Closed,” which is equally bothersome. I will control the title and body by removing them from the posts where I do not want them to display, and will try using your CSS to handle the rest.

Dominic Staff
replied 10 years ago

Apologies for the delay in replying to you. You can send me your site for further checking.

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