asked 8 years ago

That about sums it up. I want to buy the pro version, but am using the free version to see if I want to move forward. 
I installed the embed plugin and dragged it into the widget sidebar and it works, but the usernames of the posters show as anonymous. 
Is this because it’s the free version? If not, how do I fix this? And while I’m asking questions, is there an option to only show the recent questions list and no identifying additional info such as when it was posted or by who? Just curious. 
I see this question was posted twice on wordpress plugin support page, but no response. 

1 Answers
answered 8 years ago

Thank you for your help. Adding a review on wordpress. You guys are awesome. 

replied 8 years ago

Thank you very much. We much appreciate it.

If you need more assistance, please get back to us.


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