Lira Maxon
asked 11 years ago

I have tried to implement Google Adsense on all the sidebars, including the main sidebar, single post side bar, category sidebar and blog sidebar – and they all do not work! I have placed my ad code as text (arbitrary text or HTML) and it does not work! Why is DW Focus not working with Adsense? Did you test it to work with Adsense? I have used Adsense before on WordPress themes and my Google ads are all active – so it is definitely not experience on my part. Please help me resolve this now. All that is showing currently is the Widget title and just a blank space.

2 Answers
Lira Maxon
answered 11 years ago

Can I get this question answered??? The ads not showing is a theme problem… So please respond!!!!!

answered 11 years ago

Our theme Focus works well with Adsense, you can take a look at following websites for example:

Anyhow, please send me your site for further checking and we will help you resolve it.

Hope this helps !


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