Manuel Weiser
asked 10 years ago

Hey Guys, i want to use the WP Mosaic Gallerys for my Blog with DW Timeline, but the Option it isn’t available. 
Is it not possible to use it with DW Timeline Pro?

2 Answers
answered 10 years ago

Hi my friend, Hope that you are well today! Just for clarify and of course, to assist you better, please let us know: 1. Which the plugin are you using? 2. How do you create Mosaic Gallery? You can use the Mosaic Generator plugin, we have tested on our DW Timeline Pro theme with the plugin and it works fine for me.

Manuel Weiser
replied 10 years ago

Oh, i dont know this plugin, i’ll have a look on it.
But what i mean is the wordpress jetpack mosaic gallery. I dont know if this is the correct name in englisch, because my blog is in german. hope you know what i mean 🙂

answered 10 years ago

Hi Manuel,
My apology for this late in replying.
I still don’t get the issue yet as you mentioned.
Can you send me your site URL, screenshot of your issue for further checking?

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