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asked 5 years ago

My business sells live virtual classes, which are advertised as product through Wuucommerce.  Students purchase the classes directly through the national website, and select a required custom attribute at purchase for the location they plan on attending.  I need to create a series of reports that can be posted on the front-end on login-restricted pages for my Reps to see.  Reports should be in pretty tables even though I did not make it that way below.  I have not been able to find existing plugins that can handle this.  Anybody aware of any that can?  If not, suggestions how to do it?

  • For all public classes (after the class occurs, they are made private and hidden from the shop), everyone who purchased including their name, phone number, email address, purchase date, order status, cost paid (can vary for same class).

Name, Phone, Email, Purchase Date, Order Status, Cost
Class 1
            Location 1
            Location 2      
Class 2
            Location 1
            Location 2      
Two report variations need to be made: first showing all classes sorted per location (above), another showing all classes for 1 location (not shown).            

  • Each Rep needs a performance report for the rolling last 12 months to be put in their personal page. Report needs summary of the total sales revenue and total class credits sold, and individual sales backing it.

Location: city name
Total Revenue:  $$
Total Class Credits:  ##
Supporting Data:
Name, Class, Location, Cost, Purchase Date, Order Status
The # class credits sold is more complex as not all classes are weighted equally.  For example class 1 counts 4x whereas class 2 counts 1x. 

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answered 5 years ago

In this case, you can contact us via email and let me know detail about this question. If you want to have it,  we are ready to help you as a custom work with a charge.

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