DW BrickStore Update Infos

Changelog for DW BrickStore Theme (version 1.0.3)
Latest update: 23 July 2015

1.0.3 =====

  • Add: infinite scroll for woo commerce products and blog pages
  • Fix: Class name for blurb not reflected
  • Fix: Can no change color of DW Brickstore:Blurb when selecting design as Square
  • Fix: translation string issue
  • Fix: Fix active menu effect on iOS (Safari)
  • Fix: Hidden content shown on search area
  • Fix: The gap issue in Blurb Widget with long content

1.0.2 =====

  • Fix: [DW BrickStore Blurb Widget] unexpected space between the grid
  • Fix: [DW BrickStore Blurb Widget] URL is hidden when selecting color in Primary
  • Fix: Hidden search area bug on Android OS 4.4.2
  • Fix: Slideshow bug in iOS