Beautiful Pizza WordPress Themes

Top 10 Beautiful Pizza WordPress Themes to Attract Your Customers

Every business needs to have a professionally designed online presence these days. Having online presence is a great opportunity to reach out to your target market. If you want to create a new website for your pizza restaurant but you don’t have an idea how to build a beautiful and organized website, you may consider using one of 10 wonderful Pizza WordPress themes I’m going to show here! Continue reading

DW Events

Say Hello to DW Events, A Better WordPress Theme for Your Events!

Breaking News! Today we are extremely excited to say that the DW Events theme has arrived as expected! Looking for a theme with modern features and flexibility? Look no further, DW Events is the latest addition to the event theme collection that is packed with amazing features and options to help you attract a lot of visitors to your event site. Continue reading


Review: DW Magz – Best WordPress News Magazine Theme

When talking about WordPress news & magazine themes, you might find a wide variety of theme out there, both commercial and free collection. Yet, it is not quite easy to find the best minimalistic & modern theme that gives you a balance solution where performance is well optimized while adding sufficient sets of the feature.

If you look for a light-weight, modern news & magazine theme for your WordPress site, our new DW Magz would be a strong contender you should consider, besides current flagship design DW Focus, DW Argo in our news theme category.

Enhancing readership, mobile-oriented news consumption are among key factors drive us toward the simplicity in each design & development perspective of DW Magz. And here’re fundamental functionalities packed in the theme:
Continue reading


Top 10 Multipurpose WordPress Themes for Every Web Design Whim

This blog post includes a collection of the most advanced multipurpose WordPress themes.

Let’s start by answering simple questions and then make a quick recap of the advantages of each theme.

What are multipurpose themes and who can benefit from their usage?

As for the author of this article, she believes that multipurpose themes are a great step forward in web design and development. Their price is almost the same as the price of a regular theme designed for one particular business niche. However, when purchasing a multipurpose theme you get much more. Of course, different providers pack their themes with different sets of features, but the fact that you can build absolutely anything with these kinds of templates stays constant. As a rule, multipurpose themes include multiple layouts from which you can choose. They can vary from a simple personal page to a fully functional e-Commerce store. Multi-purpose themes are easy to customize and suitable for both professionals and newbies in web design. Actually, when buying a multipurpose theme you get access to numerous designs, plugins and extensions. It’s a kind of construction set you can play with until you attain the desired effect. And what is even better, when your design becomes outdated, you can always refresh it with the help of another pre-designed page available in your package. This is a great way to keep your website up to date, or just constantly improve it, by adding more features, plugins, using more shortcodes and other stuff delivered with your multipurpose theme. Continue reading


DW Focus 1.2.6 is back – DW Mega Menu and more

We are pleased to announce that our new DW Focus 1.2.6 has been released and is available for download today. In addition to compatibility update with WordPress 4.3 Billie, a new DW Mega Menu plugin and revamped theme setting panel have been included.

Brand new DW Megamenu

As planned in our DW Focus 1.2.0 release, we have just built from the ground up a new Mega Menu plugin dedicated for DW Focus theme.

We tried to make DW MegaMenu dead simple that can work seamlessly with WordPress default UI while solving the need of adding a versatile navigation to your site. A few features brought to you in DW MegaMenu: Continue reading

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