The A to Z guide: How to create a WordPress child theme

How to create WordPress child theme

Last week, we have had a nice write-up on WordPress child theme topic, which covers what a WordPress child theme is and how it should be useful for your web project.

As a follow up, in this how-to tutorial, we will help you produce a child theme. Remember our WordPress blog and portfolio theme DW Wall, which features various styles as WallPress, WallChristmas, WallPin and WallDark? To bring forth such unique styles, we have applied the technique of creating child themes for WallPress theme so that we can generate any style we want.

Today we are going to help you achieve just that. You’d learn all basic steps needed to create a WordPress child theme for any theme you like.

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WordPress Child theme: say whaaat?

To every WordPress site owner, holding a distinct web design not only leads to success but also helps sustain their solid position among a swarm of online rivals sprouting up every second. Being the best is great but being unique is greater. Instead of staying alike to other websites using a same popular theme, the urge to tailor-make that theme for a unique face put forward to the audience is understandable. Yet editing and customizing a WordPress theme can be quite scary. If not being done properly, you would open yourself up to the risk of vulnerable security or data loss. Continue