Get Started with WordPress Plugin Development: Some Useful Resources for Beginners

In my last post I shared some resources that aspiring WordPress theme developers might find useful. Today it’s the turn of those of who want to get started with WordPress plugin development.

With around 20% of the websites that make up the internet powered by WordPress, creating plugins for this platform gives you a good chance of finding a problem to solve and ensuring your creations find an audience. While there are over 30,000 free plugins available at the plugin directory, many plugin developers have found financial success with their products. Sales of the most popular premium WordPress plugins often run into the thousands. Continue

Resources to Help You Get Started with WordPress Theme Development

If you are thinking of getting started with WordPress theme design and development, whether to customise an existing theme, or have a go at making your own creations from scratch, then the resources in this post should give you some good information to help you take those first steps.

With a mixture of advice, links to tools, tutorials, and other resources, there should be something to fill any knowledge gaps you may have in this key area of WordPress usage, and help you get started off on the right track.

Hopefully you will be able to save yourself some time and unnecessary effort by picking up some tips on good practice before getting started. You can also find a selection of resources that take care of the design initiation tasks for you, which aren’t always the best use of your time. Continue