WordPress 3.9 Compatibility: Themes Updates

The release of WordPress 3.9 “Smith” rolled out with a significant update of TinyMCE 4.0 or the live preview of Widget management and Gallery. After busy weeks, we have tailored and updated all our themes and plugins to be fully compatible with WordPress 3.9.

Besides, we also maintained routine bug fixes and improvements for some of the themes. So if you are using one of our themes, it’s time to upgrade your theme now for smooth functioning.


What’s new in WordPress 3.9?

Update on 29th March: WordPress 3.9 Beta 3 has been rolled out with more than 200 changes for Widget previews, UI refinement and media manager. Read the announcement for more details.
Update on 20th March: WordPress 3.9 Beta 2 has been out with tons of changes and updates from Beta 1, especially bug fixes for TinyMCE and Widget management. Read the announcement for more details.

Just by the end of last year, WordPress community welcomed the release of WordPress 3.8 Parker. Couple months later, once again we are expecting another milestone: WordPress 3.9 which is scheduled for the release in April.

Meanwhile, WordPress 3.9 Beta 1 has been released recently and this becomes a hot topic everywhere. We all know that WordPress 3.8 has been a great release with improvements in the UI. Now coming to WordPress 3.9, it is promising release with significant improvements and updates in the core as well as the user experience in which good becomes better.