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Ever since the early release of DW Question & Answer plugin, we have received lots of requests for the Pay to submit question feature. It has always been a good debate and discussion whether or not should a user need to pay for post. Here we are! In an attempt to cater to our users’ every feedback, Q&A production team has worked hard since then to make sure that wish comes true. And now, the most wanted Pay to submit question feature is finally supported in the latest version of DW Question & Answer 1.2.1

Information & Requirements

The Question & Answer plugin work fine with the Woocomerce latest version and very simple to configure and use.

  • Look better than on the Theme has compatible with the Woocomerce (about the style and layout).

View documentation for more info

This feature are very popular options for content control on WordPress websites. Having a paywall solution of your WordPress website is also a wonderful way to increase your monetization, by making people pay to view or submit a question.
The main goal of a paywall solution is to make money, and we have integration with the Woocommerece to help you make money from your users. And now, you can take overview some point of this feature.

Simple to configure

You can create a product in the Woocommerce and setting to limit the time for the users can submit a question.

Woocommerce Add new product

Look good on Font-end

With some easy step, you will get unexpected results.

Front-End Result

Time expiration

The admin and user can check and edit this Time from the user profile.

Time Expiration
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