how do you make search results appear newest first in dw focus?
OpenDominic commented 5 years ago • 
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how to change the column border color in the DW Focus News Grid Widget
AnsweredHà Anh answered 6 years ago
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How to add full width banner image and remove logo and header ad section
AnsweredDominic commented 6 years ago
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DW Focus How To Remove Right Side Menu In News Slider Widget
AnsweredDominic answered 7 years ago
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remove category grid layout dw focus v1.2.6
AnsweredDominic answered 7 years ago • 
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Google Analytics Tracking Code Question
OpenDominic answered 8 years ago • 
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How do I change the navigation bar colors?
OpenDominic answered 9 years ago • 
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Where do I add my site description meta tag in DW Focus?
OpenDominic answered 9 years ago • 
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Can you disable the grid format in DW Focus?
ResolvedJessica Paxton asked 9 years ago • 
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