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Hi – about to embark on a project for a client and set up an ecommerce site using WooCommerce and probably a storefront child theme and am looking for a little advice.
My client already has a fairly large site, with a lot of content organised in many different ways (features, news, practical stuff, videos, help and advice, competitions etc). There are currently a couple of thousand piece of content in different post-types, categories etc.
The ecommerce site and the content from the current site will be part of the same ‘thing’ – at least from a users point of view. The existing content will be used to hopefully help drive a little traffic to the store.
So my query is this; as the existing site has a degree of complexity to it, should I move all of the content (along with custom filtering, functions etc) into the new WooCommerce site, or would it be better to keep the two things completely separate (ie. two different WordPress installs?).
I can see pros and cons to either way (redundancy, security, user journey etc), but wonder what would be best practice, or the usual thing to do? I can’t make my mind up…
Many thanks for any advice!

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About this issue, you can refer here:

Or you can watch the following video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CkllcnbFKuU

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Hey – thanks for the links. Checking out the youtube one now.
The page link didn’t work, but think it’s this: http://uploadwp.com/add-a-woocommerce-store-to-an-existing-wordpress-site/
So, these describe adding the store by means of a separate WP install in a sub-folder. That seems straight foward enough.
Would that be considered the best route or good practice to take if parent site is content heavy? (i.e. keep content and store seperate)
Is there anyway to keep the cart (icon in header showing number of items and price) persistent across standard WP and WooCommere?  (maybe using cookies, or perhaps a plugin?)
many thanks

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