Blair Keen
asked 8 years ago

Hi, how do I enable people to follow a question? When I’m viewing as an administrator I can see the option to subscribe, but when I view anonymously (permissions set to read and post anonymously) the option to subscribe does not appear.

Also, is it possible to require people to register and login before posting comments or answers? If so, what settings do I need to apply and how do I get the login/register button to appear before the comment/answer section please?

And lastly, if I try to post a comment or answer without entering my email and name, the page just refreshes but doesn’t reveal any validation errors. Is there a way to highlight the required fields post-validation fail?


1 Answers
answered 8 years ago

1/ I know what you want. However, you can not allow the anonymously use the subscribe option, because, this option allow user will get a notification having new answer/comment and it auto notification for the emails of the users. So far, our plugin doesn’t support to store the Anonymous email.

2/ About the register and login before posting comments/answers, we have disabled temporary in the latest version to check and improve this feature. To help you resolve this issue, I think you can create a link or button to require people to register and login before posting comments or answers above or under the list question section and the single question. If you want to have it, please send me username & password of your site, I will help you.
Note: We are planning to make and update this feature in the next version.

3/ To resolve this issue, you can open the answer-submit-form.php file and find the line: 23 & 29.
Then Replace with the following code:

  • Line 23:
<input type="email" class="email" name="user-email" value="<?php echo $email ?>" aria-required="true" required="required">

-Line 29:

<input type="text" class="" name="user-name" value="<?php echo $name ?>" aria-required="true" required="required">

Note: We will update it in the next version.

Hope this helps!

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