luke kes
asked 10 years ago

Plugin looks great! The only issue I have is, to submit a question, I have to login either through wordpress or create an account to post a question. However, if I try to post a question as an anonymous it does not work despite I unchecked the login needed under settings. So having no sign up required and if users would like to ask a questions is the something I am looking at. Right now, when anonymous user tries to hit ‘Submit Question’ nothing happens, it just stays on the same form. Please help me!

Honista Apk
replied 2 months ago

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2 Answers
answered 10 years ago

Hi Luke, 
At the current version of Q&A plugin, we do not support the anonymous post.
Sorry for the mistake and confusion in language in backend setting. The check-box Login registration is to display or not to display the login form in Ask question page only. All the posts require login.
The anonymous feature goes along with Roles in the plugin and we are working on that to make sure everything work properly and hopefully can release in in the next updated version.
As for now, you can go to Site Dashboard > Setting > General and check the box Membership: Anyone can register.

luke kes
replied 10 years ago

Thank you SO much for the quick response!

I did check the box under membership to ‘Anyone can register’. However, when I try to ‘Ask a question’ I do not see anywhere to sign up. The problem I have is user can not Submit question anonymously but can answer anonymously. Is there any way I can make anonymous user to post a question? If not, where can I ask user to sign up before posting a question. Thank you for helping out!

answered 10 years ago

Please log in to Dashboard > DW Q&A  > Setting. check the box Login Restriction    Login required:  No anonymous allowed
See the screenshot:

luke kes
replied 10 years ago

I did check the box, yet it does not show sign up box to post a question. When I hit ‘Ask a question’, it opens up the page to submit question and once after I fill in all the info and try to submit the question. it just does not go through and does not give any options to sign up.
here is the link:

Dominic Staff
replied 10 years ago

Please create a private question then send me username & password your site for further checking.

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