Jonah Penne
asked 7 years ago


I’m developing a site at that uses the DW Q&A template. Unfortunately, the Status tabs are malfunctioning. The All and Resolved links seem to work just fine, but the others show a "Sorry, but nothing matched your filter" message even if there are questions that should match. Can anyone suggest a fix?


1 Answers
answered 7 years ago

It’s bug come from old version, we have fixed this issue in the latest version, you can download and update it or you can try the following solution:
open Inc/filter.php go to around Line 400
in case replied you add this:

$args['meta_query'][] = array(
     'key' => '_dwqa_status',
     'value' => array( 'answered' ),
     'compare' => 'IN',

If not work, I think you should update to latest version.
Hope this helps!

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