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Let’s say that I am looking at a list of questions for a specific category, for example “Technical Question” at the following URL: From there, if I click “Ask a Question”, shouldn’t that Ask Question form automatically default to the “Technical Question” category? It does not. Is this a bug?
I need to maintain clean categories and this seems like a major problem. If a user is in my “Report an Issue” category and clicks “New Issue”, they should not be able to change the category and most certainly it should default to the “Report an Issue” category.
On the Ask Question form, is there a way to default the category based on which list the person came from and also hide the category selection so they cannot change it? 

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answered 6 years ago

 At the moment, the plugin does not support to set the default categories when you click ask question button from a categories page as you mentioned here. The plugin just supported the shortcode to set the default categories for the submit question form.

[email protected]
replied 6 years ago

Thanks for the response. Let’s say I use the shortcodes to set a Questions List page and a Ask Form for a category, as follows:
Questions List page: [dwqa-list-questions category=”report-an-issue”]
Ask Form page: [dwqa-submit-question-form category=”report-an-issue”]

On the Question List page, is there a way to make the “Ask Question” button link to the category-specific Ask Form page above?

Dominic Staff
replied 6 years ago

You can open the archive-question.php file in the templates folder then find the line 28 to replace the page link in the href=”” of the button.

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