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Hi guys! I am wracking my head with this. I have been trying to read old posts and modify myself. The problem is that it isn’t working 🙁 I was able to modify the picture in the home page with your video tutorial. Thanks for that. My site is simple a home, synopsis, cast, crew and director statement, maybe blog in the future. I created a page for each one(replaced introduction to synopsis, team with cast, etc…

I am not sure how you call each of these “blocks” sections???  Our site is suppose to have a dark theme and I want to keep everything black, red, some white (text) The color behind each of those blocks are white, I want to change to just back or perhaps an image. Can someone assist me with that? Please and thank you!

DW Page = Modern

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answered 7 years ago

you can send me your site and tell me detail about the position that you want to change color. We will help you resolve it.

replied 7 years ago

Hi Dominic,

The site is – please activate the theme DWPage Moderm so you can make the modifications.
I need to make everything you see in white to black, in the future if I enter a new page the background must be black.
All the black font into white.
The blue hoover into red.
I know that in the (block, tab, page, section) I am not sure the correct reference for… I need the part (crew) must be an image background.
Thank you so much! Lucy

Dominic Staff
replied 7 years ago

you can send me username & password your site (via private answer) we will help you resolve it.

answered 6 years ago

If you want to change all the font color in the DW Page theme as you want, you can open both the style.css (wp-content\themes\dw-page-modern) and the templates.css file (themes\dw-page-modern\inc\assets\css), then change the color to your color as you want.

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