ckubs george
asked 10 years ago

First of all I  posted another question regarding some compatibilityissues between DWQA and my non DW theme, asked theme developers about that too so forgive me if this question comes too quick but it’a a different thing and I hope it will be my last one regarding DWQA setup.

Since yesterday I’ve taken it serious to add a QnA section on my website and beside my first issue, I have another one. As this plugin doesn’t have any user profiles capability I understood I have to use buddypress too with my website. Installed and activated buddypress, done the setup as described here but I only managed to get Questions tab on Buddypress navigation. Question related updates( posting a question, replyes …etc) are not shown in activity stream.

Also, this part is missing I have to do something to add it or it’s custom code?

Finally, I found this shortcode [ dwqa-question-followers ] that outputs the question followers like on designwall but the bad looks( content being on top of the widget box not inside it) isn’t the biggest problem. Is there any way I can restrict It’s appearace to question page only, not : question list, add question, website pages, articles … etc?

Thanks for your patience.

1 Answers
answered 10 years ago

Really sorry. Just for clarify. The profile page on our current is made for only our own homepage, not released officially. Therefore, you can’t download it as well as we can’t design an other similar page for you.

ckubs george
replied 10 years ago

I don't intend to download anything. I just wanted to clarify if the issues between my theme and DWQA are stopping the additional stuff from showing, I don't do the buddypress-DWQA integration properly or the additional stuff is just custom work 🙂 Everything is good now except the issue stated in the other thread that I found out from where it comes and I have to fix with my theme developr. Or as I replied there if I can fix the CSS compatibility between Wallpress and DWQA that would be an awesome option too as Wallpress already looks awesome with Buddypress.

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