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Hi guys,
Just wanted to let you know that we love the plugin, but it really is outdated and has some flaws that need to be addressed, do we want to use this further or search for other/better plugins.
1. The general list view with all the questions, is using a page that you can edit in WordPress admin and set a template to it.
That’s great, but the problem is that all single pages (e.g. single-dwqa-question, single-dwqa-answer, but also question-archive!) are using the exact same template when this is chosen.
This is a big problem, as we can’t now differentiate between those pages and for example archive pages, as they are using the same classes.

+ we would need a separate archives/tags/category page template!
2. We have to put noindex on category pages, because the HTML is inherited from page.php or single-question.php, which leads to big issues, especially if we want to use the schema.org template!
3. Templating in DWQA is OK, but not great. There are still missing links to the answer on a question.
4. The ANSWER slug/URL always contains DWQA-ANSWER, which is SEO wise definitely not nice or what we want. Please allow us to change this.
5. We should be able to alter or remove icons, fonts, JS files and CSS stylesheets when needed. I don’t want to load external files if they are not needed!

6. I see a lot of questions here with answers where you recommend people to change the parent theme. We don’t want this! We don’t want to touch the core of your plugin; we want to be able to override it if needed.

Thanks in advance!

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answered 4 years ago

Thank for your interest in our product.
At the moment, the plugin does not support the private template for the archives/tags/category as you mentioned here.
I know what you want. However, we can not update or make an option.
About the external files, we will check and optimize it in the next version.
Some issues are not updated in the plugin, so we can only offer some solutions to help users fix in the core of the plugin. And need to backup the edited file.
Glad you contributed a lot of issues that are in need of improvement for our plugin. We sent and notified to our technical team about your info. We will discuss about it. 


replied 4 years ago

Thanks, Dominic. Happy to see the results soon where hopefully they will be fixed.


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