phil fisch
asked 10 years ago

I just bought DW Focus. Do I just need to upload dw_focus_1.0.8_theme or also the dw_focus_1.0.8_quickstart?
Whats the difference between them?
Thank you

1 Answers
answered 10 years ago

Hi phil fisch, Thanks for posting on our community 🙂 Below is the difference between dw_focus_1.0.8_theme & dw_focus_1.0.8_quickstart:
– dw_focus_1.0.8_theme.
 You can upload the theme file via the Dashboard > Themes > Upload, and when you use the dw_focus_1.0.8_theme, you will get a blank page without content, customization as on our demo.
– dw_focus_1.0.8_quickstart:
You can not upload in the Dashboard > Themes > Upload, you need to upload it into hosting or via FTP.  You will get the full content like our demo when installing this package.

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