Eddie K
asked 11 years ago

I love this theme, however I need to clarify whether the following changes are possible before I make the purchase:

1. Can the Blog page layout be set as Homepage?

2. Can the logo be centered and header increased if the ads are removed?

3. Assuming ‘responsiveness’ can be turned off, can the width of the blog main column and sidebar be changed?
My requirements are approx.:   |<-               1250px                ->||<- 350 ->|

4. Can the blog post featured image dimensions be changed so that it fills the full width of the above specified dimensions.

5. In the blog layout, is there an option to have the date of the post displayed above the post and other properties such as: author/comments count/ tags etc. displayed below the post?

1 Answers
answered 11 years ago

Hi Eddie,

All of your requests can be done with some work on CSS. Once you purchase our theme, we can support you with direction and guidance on how to do it, but we do not support customization.
In fact, we receive custom work with some payment if you wish to have us work on your site 🙂

Juan Machado
replied 11 years ago

Hi there. I’d love to receive some CSS guidence in how to make logo header wide, like in Arrastheme or Twenty Eleven free WordPress themes.

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