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I want the widget to show articles from the same category as the article being viewed so my suggestions will be relevant to readers rather than different topics. Current DW focus widgets (featured news, popular news, recent news) allow selection of “all categories” or a specific category. Would also like an option for “same category.” Any suggestions to enable this?
A little more detail on what I mean:
Widgets can only be set once per template type, such as “Blog Sidebar.” So if a DW widget is set to show articles from “all categories,” then people viewing an article in the “apple” category will see articles from “apple,” as well as other categories like “oranges,” “grapes,” and “bananas.”   If I set the Blog Sidebar widget to show articles within the “apple” category, then articles in other categories will only show articles from the “apple” category in the DW widget. 
Thanks in advance! Matt

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answered 10 years ago

Hi Matt ! 
Sorry but at the moment DW Focus does not yet support to show articles from “same category in the  DW Focus News Widgets yet.

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