John Bogart
asked 7 years ago

Where the admins/moderators can approve all questions and answers before posting?   Would be a great help.

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Hung DinhStaff
answered 7 years ago

That is a nice feature to have. For answer, we have already have DRAFT feature by which the answer can be saved to be verified/approved by admin/moderator

I know in some cases, questions should be moderated, however I still prefer to maintain transparency and freedom in any Q&A system

John Bogart
replied 7 years ago

Thanks… I agree… As but we’d need a lock down for IP spammers
Appreciate the quick response. We are evaluating on our site and really like the look and responsiveness…
I posted in error on the DW questions but we’d like to have the dual pull downs you are using… I’d think it could be done with categories and sub categories but we don’t have that option… On your site, you are using categories and Tags.. where can we edit the Answer page to add a second (or additional) pull down sorts?

Hung Dinh Staff
replied 7 years ago

Hi John,
We do a bit customization on our site to fit our needs. What you are looking for can be configured using tags system, we will consider this to be one of the backlog in the next release.

Let me know if you have any other improvement suggestion

John Bogart
replied 7 years ago

Thanks for the help. Which file is used to generate the “answers” page? Are we allowed to edit the code?

I have another personal suggestion… please email me with an email address to send the suggestion and I’ll be happy to provide it (or is there a way here to send a private question/suggestion)?

Super product… very fast and intuitive.

Kathryn Bottrell
replied 7 years ago

How do you use the tags system to achieve the lockdown on spammers?

Jackie Lord
answered 7 years ago

Hi John, 
In order to have all questions and answers verified by Admin before uploading, we need to modify the code a bit:
For Question: open file: “actions.php” in folder: /wp-content/plugins/dw-question-answer/inc/ and look for:

 $post_status = ( isset($_POST['private-message']) && $_POST['private-message'] ) ? 'private' : 'publish';

Change it into:

 $post_status = ( isset($_POST['private-message']) && $_POST['private-message'] ) ? 'private' : 'pending';

For answer: open file: “template-functions.php” in folder: /wp-content/plugins/dw-question-answer/inc/  and look for:

 'post_status' => 'publish'

 Change into:

 'post_status' => 'pending'

Now every time a question/answer posted, you can go to back-end and approve it.

John Bogart
replied 7 years ago

Sorry for the delay in response. We did this. However, the pending answer is still shown on the post. In the backend, when we approve, We are not allowed to change the status to “answered”. The closed we could use was “resolved”. This changed the status, the answer is still shown, but the “status box” does not update to show “1” in answer. Please see: as an example.
Can you assist? Did we do something incorrectly?

Guru Ghantaal
replied 7 years ago

Hi @bogart99j

A slightly off topic request. I just noticed that you have been able to apply a number of modifications to the standard DWQA plugin.

I am desperately looking for the second dropdown which in your case is a subcategory implementation here: Would be kind enough to share with every one how you achieved this!

Best regards

John Bogart
replied 7 years ago

One of our contract programmers did the customization. If you’d like I can put him him in touch with you. He did a great job with the pull downs and helped clean up our ability to approve each question and answer … we are planning to go live this weekend with that portion of our site. Do you have any comments or suggestions from your review?

citra lestari
replied 7 years ago

hi John Bogart.
i just see that your programmer have been resolved for admin approval to a new question. Do you mind if you share how you achieved this?

Thank You!

answered 7 years ago

To resolve the Status box issue in the Q&A plugin.Please update the latest version of the plugin, you can download the latest version here:

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