Matt Dennis
asked 9 years ago

Can any one shed light on how to change the point at which main nav menu switches from its normal state to the mobile menu?

I’ve been through all the template files and even start to rebuild the template-responsive.css file, but that was a bigger deal than I thought. It seems there are a lot of different styles in different places and its not very clear or easy to change these.

Any one have any luck changing the breakpoint?

dominic Staff
replied 9 years ago
1 Answers
answered 9 years ago

At the moment, after you create a question on the, your question will not display that it need verify ( by Administrator) then we will public your question include our answer.
About your issue, please send me username & password of your site, I will help you resolve it.
Note: We will change from 979px down is 768px.

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