Kelvin Alfaro
asked 10 years ago

I although this theme is describe as responsive, it does not adjust itself to different screen size. I have tried it on the iphone and have to zoom out to see the page. Unlike the recap page, which does adjust to the screen size by converting to a one column timeline instead of two columns like on the desktop.
is is there some setting you have to adjust? 

1 Answers
answered 10 years ago

Hi Kelvin,
Thanks for being interested in our theme DW Timeline.
Sorry for the mislead in the info page, since DW Timeline is our free theme, we do not support responsive design yet.
We are going to release the premium version DW Timeline Pro which support responsive layout and other features which we do not support in free theme.
The recap page is the demo not only our free theme but we hope it gives you an overlook about the Timeline theme series.
Hope this helps!

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