Henrik Gregersen
asked 8 years ago

I would like to see an upload avatar feature in DWQA Pro, so users without gravatars or users not using social login will be able to change the mystery man to a personal avatar. 
This can be achieved with the https://wordpress.org/plugins/basic-user-avatars/ plugin, but its a very basic plugin and I think it would be obvious to have such a feature in DWQA Pro where avatars are used all over the place.
So hope to see this in a future update. ( I do not have high hopes that WordPress will ever ditch gravatar aka avatar for geeks ) 

replied 8 years ago


replied 8 years ago

Hi, At this time, we don’t have a profile page for the DW Q&A pro so it’s kinda hard to get this done, how ever if you want to upload avatar, you can try use buddypress and i can help integrate the DW Q&A to Buddypress

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