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I really want to like this plugin but I can’t.
So it’s two days after purchase and I’ve made zero progress with personalising the way Q&A looks on my website. I’m using Newspaper Theme – so worlds #1 in its category. Zero problems in the past 3 years with other plugins.
I’ve had to ring my programmer friend to help me out. He says this plugin is beyond frustrating and it would take him approx 8hrs to make it look anywhere like it looks on Design Wall’s website.
So imagine my chances, as someone who does not know how to code, and as such buys PRO version of plugins hoping they will alow for out of the box personalisation.
The IT guys spent 2 hours playing with the code already and came up with this:

Q&A Lista Pytań

I told him to stop as I dont want to pay a few times the actual price of the plug in just to have it look as advertised!
Now, heres what drives me nuts having spent 30 bucks on a PRO version of this plugin:

  1. STYLE. Out of the box it looks completely different on my website than on the FRONT END screenshot as advertised in ENvato Marketplace. Therefore, I feel misled.
  2. Categories – when clicked they take me to a weird URL + the sidebar Ive hiddn reappears again.
  3. Filters – all over the place. Too many of them + they show in a messy way. Theres no option for me to choose which ones I want to show and which Id like to hide.
  4. Ask Question – its a single column vs two columns as advertised. When clicked on a PC it takes me to mobile version of the webpage that is all over the place…this happens with every question clicked.
  5. Language – some items are translated to my native language, some others are not. I have nowhere to change it manually.

This is singlehandedly the most frustrating experience with a plug in Ive had to date. Which is a real shame as the idea is briliant.
Please contact me at [email protected] and let me know how we can fix the above. Otherwise I’m affraid, Id have to ask for a refund.
Best Wishes,

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