Jenni Skinner
asked 10 years ago

Hello, I am using the DW Page modern theme. For the Projects, I want each to open up to a separate video that the user can click on and play. I dont want the video to open in a separate page, I’d like it to show in the popup that comes up when you click on the project.
I’ve tried to embed the Vimeo video using shortcodes as well as actually embedding the video file as media, and neither has worked. Please advise. Thank you!

1 Answers
answered 10 years ago

I’m terribly sorry about the unexpected answer and the issue with my account. It was not me and I’m back now.
About your question, currently, DW Page supports for adding a vimeo/youtube video to the projects. Whenever you open a video project, a popup window will be opened. To do this, just follow our instruction below:
– Go to
– Select the video that you want to use for the project, then copy the embed code, see the screenshot:
– Log in to Dashboard > Projects > Add new, then add the embed code to the Text frame.
See the screenshot: – And this is result once done:

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