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asked 10 years ago


I am new to WordPress and I cannot figure out how to change the colour of my links after they have been visited. Can you help please?
My site is
Right now they are blue, and want to change it back to pink 🙂

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answered 10 years ago

Hello Bitcoin !
To change font color in sidebar & sidebar- secondary, You can log in to Dashboard > Appearance > Customize > Custom Code, add the following code to the Header Code.

.sidebar-inner ul li a {
   color: #...;

.customisable, .customisable:link, .customisable:visited, .customisable:hover, .customisable:focus, .customisable:active, .customisable-highlight:hover, .customisable-highlight:focus, a:hover .customisable-highlight, a:focus .customisable-highlight {
      color: #....;

Then open the template.css file in the folder path “\wp-content\themes\dw-wallpress\assets\css”. Find the line 249 and remove the line code (color: #12639B;)

Notice: To change font color for the entire site of the DW Wall theme. Please open the template.css theme then change all the color code into your desired color.
Hope this helps!

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