Austin Tedesco
asked 9 years ago

Thanks for the help answering my last question. What code should I use to change the color on hyperlinks in the body of a post for active links, hovering, and visited links? I want to make sure that the other link colors on the site don’t change when I do this. 
Thank you!

2 Answers
well wisher
answered 9 years ago

Hi Austin consider yourself lucky i just read an article over this in the morning and i think this is the code you may be looking for to add in your style.css

  1. a:link { colorblue; }  
  2. a:visited { colorpurple; }  
  3. a:hover { colorred; }  
  4. a:active { coloryellow; }  

Change color values according to your need hope this helps thanks !!!

well wisher
replied 9 years ago

and for making it sure bout just the body part i have no idea may be you should find the division and css class wrapping your content and call this by extending for that part only

answered 9 years ago

You can follow the answer provided by @wellwisher. If you still face there issue, please let me know.

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