Alanna Bailey
asked 9 years ago

Hello- I’m working to turn DW Focus into an online publication and need seamless details- ie Font. 
I need help
1. Uploading a custom font
2. Implementing it across the website. Meaning the pages/ menu etc. How do I do this? Thanks!

2 Answers
Rahul Kumar
answered 9 years ago

HI Alanna,
You can use google fonts wordpress plugin to do it.

Alanna Bailey
replied 9 years ago

Hi Rahul, thanks. However the font I have isn’t showing up in Google Fonts, how do I upload/add one not listed?

answered 9 years ago

Hi Rahul ! Thanks for your help.
Hello Alana !
You can find the answer in the following link:

how to change fonts and font color?

Hope this helps !

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