Xavier de Ponk
asked 8 years ago

We want to implement DW Q&A for a very specific user case, so we need to add various custom fields to the post a question screen, such as a date picker, text fields, some check boxes etc. Not too many, but we need to be able to filter them in the front end using the Facet WP plugin.
In terms of adding the extra fields we usually use a plugin called Advanced Custom Fields, so that is something we could do quite easily as I believe your plugin uses custom post types for the questions.
But we need to allow these fields to be completed when a user asks a question on the front end.
Is this doable?

2 Answers
answered 8 years ago

Hi Xavier,
We register post type of question for DW Question & Answer under ‘dwqa-question’ custom post type. You can add custom field for this post type.  Please refer to this link http://codex.wordpress.org/Custom_Fields to see how it works.

Spencer Hill
replied 6 years ago

I was able to add my custom fields but they don’t appear on the front end automatically. Is there documentation on how to Hook into it so I can add the fields?

answered 6 years ago

Hi Xavier,
Did you manage to add custom fields? How did you do it?
I’d like to add custom fields to the answer form and display these with the answer on the question page. Your experience might help me (and others)
Thanks a lot in advance for sharing! 🙂
PS: Please note that I am currently trying it with the ACF plugin that actually lets me define the fields and add it to dwqa_answer post_type but it doesnt show in the form neither.

replied 6 years ago

Hi, to add more custom field on the front end, you have to modify the answer submit form, along with the modify of submit question option. It’s not add custom field at the back-end.
If you want you this feature, you can contact me at the live chat channel, i can guide you through this or maybe can provide custom work to help you archive what you need.


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