alfredo flowers
asked 9 years ago
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answered 9 years ago

Please refer the document guide here:
Hope this helps !

oscar pearson
answered 9 years ago

Well its quite simple to create your website on today’s scenario. Today plethora of software is available that saves you from headache of complicated programming and time invest. Many online sites are also available today like,, etc. that lets you to design website just by drag and drop.
Normally creating a website comprises of three steps as follow:

  1. Website designing: This entire process is about creating layout, template and content of website.
  2. Domain name: After creating whole website you will have to purchase a suitable domain name (unique name for your site on internet) which will be used to access the site online.
  3. Website host: Once you have completed above steps then it’s the time to finally place the site on server of any web host for making it live.


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