Vincent Gardner
asked 10 years ago

We did resolve some previous issues..but we are having two other issues. 1.the two side to side navigation arrows on each page appears to be working in the wrong direction when we click on the right one it goes to wrong preceding page and the same one for left one how do we resolve this. 2. How can we turn off the “Leave a reply” or ” Leave a comment” and “post comment” button on the pages that we wish to do it on..this is very important we get this done.
example link

2 Answers
answered 10 years ago

1. You can tell me detail about this issue. I have checked your site and still work fine. Please send me a screenshot for further checking.
2. Comments are enabled on new WordPress posts and pages by default. You can change the default for new posts or pages, as well as enable/disable comments on posts or pages you’ve already published. You can change the defaults for new posts or pages on the Settings -> Discussion screen.
Hope this helps !

Afit Husni
replied 9 years ago

i have same issue. when I push back/next arrow on keyboard, i will on previous/next content

Dominic Staff
replied 9 years ago

Please send me username & password of your site ( via private answer) for further checking

answered 9 years ago

Hi Afit Husni,
Thanks for your additional info and merry Christmas 🙂
Unfortunately, three next days I will not help you out yet. Please wait for me. I will check and fix on next Monday.
See you later, please stay tuned, my friend.

Afit Husni
replied 9 years ago

oke Dominic, happy holiday

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