Kyriacos Hadjisoteriou
asked 10 years ago

Hi there!  I am trying to use the DW questions and answers plugin in my wordpress website, however I cannot figure out how to include text below the page title and above the actual ‘ask a question’ form.  I would like to be able to include text both in the ‘ask’ page as well as the ‘answers’ page.  Is there any way I can do that? 
Please note that I am new to wordpress / website design so I would appreciate a detailed reply!  Thanks!

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Blue Presley
answered 10 years ago

I too had this question, but this is how I handled it:
If you’ll look in the DWQA Guide it talks about shortcodes. There are shortcodes that show both the submit question functionality as well as list question functionality.
If you create a new page (and don’t use the default Questions page that comes with the plugin) and then type in the
“dwqa-submit-question-form” shortcode, you can put text above it as I did in that example.

Kyriacos Hadjisoteriou
replied 10 years ago

Hi Blue Presley. Thank you for your reply! I followed your instructions and, of course, it worked! I did read the dwqa guide about shortcodes, yet, being a newbe with all these staff, didn’t realize this was a way to embed the tool in my existing layout 🙂

I wish you all the best with your new website. Interesting set of questions you have there ;).

Thanks again and take care!

answered 10 years ago

Hi all!
If you don’t want to use the shortcode for any reason, you can use the content-start-wrapper.php and the content-end-wrapper.php files. But this requires some testing before you can achieve the required results.

answered 10 years ago

Dear Blue & Guru !
Thanks for your helps.
Hello Kyriacos !
I think you have resolved this issue, I will mark the “Resolve” status for this question, if you have any question, please create new question. We will help you resolve it !

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