Miroslaw Z
asked 10 years ago

I absolutely love fixel, such an awesome job!
So I’ve been wondering – I’ve set static homepage as Home (Social Wall template).
Is there any way I could possibly make it load all posts while I’m scrolling down website (just like the setting: “Your latest posts” – works fine)?
I’ve already figured out how to show all posts, cuz you’ve set this variable in wp-content/themes/dw-fixel/inc/home.php:
$dw_homepage_layout[‘number’] = dw_get_theme_option(‘block_number’,23); and here:
$dw_homepage_layout = array(
            ‘number’    => 23 ,
So all I need to do is increase this number to show all posts.But can I make this template first load 23 posts, and load the rest only if  somebody scrolls dows? Or pushes the button?
My regards,  thanks in advance

1 Answers
answered 10 years ago

Hello Miroslaw ! 
I understand your requirement however at the moment DW Fixel does not yet support that. We will discuss about this issue in the next version.
Hope for your understanding!

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