Christian Trejo
asked 10 years ago

Hello, in my site when I click in an open question the comments section is displayed just below the question, and below is the Answer section. I would like to remove the comment section or at least put it at the bottom. Below the answer section. Because I don’t want users get confused about where to put the answer. Any idea about this I will appreciate it. The same happen when someone publish an answer. Since I am using the plugin Comments Evolved, the display is not very nice. Please check my website to see what I am talking about.
By the way, this plugin is awesome.

Web Designer
replied 10 years ago

hi Christian!
I just check your site. I don't see comments section? or your mean need remove "Responder esta Pregunta" section?

you can try use this plugin:

answered 10 years ago

Have you resolved your issue?

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