asked 8 years ago

I published a few long posts (full of images) and i want to split the single post in to 2 or 3 or 4 parts.
Well,i know i have to use <!––nextpage––> but it did not happen anything.
Andl also i need to style it as numbered 
Please help me 🙂

3 Answers
well wisher
answered 8 years ago

Hey it’s just coz the editor adds pre tags when you add that code in visual mode try switching to text mode and then add<!––nextpage––> and update and it should be splitted then hope it helps !!!

well wisher
answered 8 years ago

regarding styling to no. when you split the post it is by default splited into no. 🙂

answered 8 years ago

Hello Cini !
To split single posts, please open the Text mode then add the <!––nextpage––> If you want to style as number, you can find here for the document guide:
Hope this helps !

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