saeed shabani
asked 9 years ago

I want to make a wordpress q&a theme with dw question and answers plugin but i don’t know how to show the question and answers in the home page of the theme (index.php) .
please help me

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Ankush Mehrotra
answered 9 years ago

Hello Saeed.
Its very easy to execute. Create a page for questions, and specify it in the Settings section of DWQA Plugin.
Then go to Settings>> Reading and change the static front page, to the page that you specified for question and answer.
Kindly comment, if required any further help.

saeed shabani
replied 9 years ago

Thanks for this solution. but because of i want to make this theme for sell i want to put question and answers directly in the index.php.
i want to use a shortcode or php code to get the question and answers list.

answered 9 years ago

@ Ankush Mehrotra !
Thank you for your help ! I appreciate it.
@ Saeed Shabani !
Regarding your request, at the moment we do not support it. If you customize the plugin for your clients, then it is acceptable, otherwise we do not allow to re-sell our product in a market.

saeed shabani
replied 9 years ago

Thanks @Dominic
I don’t want to sell your product. I want to make a new theme for your free plugin ( DW Question Answer ) and sell that theme. and all users use your free version of DW Question Answer plugin.

Jackie Lord
answered 9 years ago

Hi Saeed,
You can try to use this WP Query: WP_Query: 
in order to display the list of questions, all the questions that have the post_type as  dwqa-question
Please try and let me know the result!

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