Mike Hendrickson
asked 9 years ago


I’m trying to get my organization’s logo to appear in the top left here: http://i.imgur.com/BuQyLbk.png

But whenever I try to align the image left, it appears in the center. When i over my mouse over the desired area, it gives a hyperlink as shown: http://i.imgur.com/BuQyLbk.png

When clicking the hyperlink, it brings me back to the homepage, which is what I want, however, I want an image there instead of white space. How do I get an image to appear there?

How do I get the image to replace the white space and how do I get that image to be a hyperlink to the homepage?

1 Answers
answered 9 years ago

Please tell me about the logo size and send me your site for further checking.

replied 9 years ago

Hey Dominic, the logo size is "Dimensions: 770 × 226" and "File size: 109 kB" and it’s a PNG. The website is universitychronicle.net

dominic Staff
replied 9 years ago
replied 9 years ago

Hey, this didn’t really answer my question. I want to left align the logo but the hyperlink is blocking it. How do I remove hyperlink and/or place the image over the hyperlink

dominic Staff
replied 9 years ago

You can add the following code to the style.css file:

.site-header #branding a {
cursor: none;
pointer-events: none;

Hope this helps !

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