Zaph Eon
asked 4 years ago

we recently updated and since then we have had issues where some times the video player shows up and sometimes it does not..  its rather random.

Pyramiding & Stop Loss – Building and Managing a trade

this one has a video that works then one that doesn’t work and shows only the link instead..    
so not sure what is going on.. the first time we tried to post the video the link only would show then after a few tries the video showed..   

2 Answers
answered 4 years ago

please let me know detail about this question, you can send me a screenshot for further checking.

Zaph Eon
answered 4 years ago for example youtube links sometimes turn into a player and sometimes do not..     …  wonder if it will on this site.. 
and i was going to put on a screen shot showing you …   an answer just with a youtube link …  which i don’t understand why you need a screenshot to understand this issue.. but I couldn’t upload it image using your Image upload tool here..  …   so guess things not working on your system is pretty normal 

Dominic Staff
replied 4 years ago

If you want to post/embed the video code to the question or answer.
the plugin does not support to embed code to the question and answer form.

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