asked 5 years ago
  1. Evanto Market Auto Update Link – this seems to generate too many requests and prevents me from downloading the latest version from the site. I disabled the Auto update link and installed the new update, but this overwrote the previous support changes and generated the question date error again.
  2. Both the Latest Questions and Popular Questions widgets don’t seem to be working
  3. How are the questions ordered on the homepage?

– The ‘Filter by Views, Answers or Votes’ doesn’t seem to do anything
 1) the questions with the most recent activity should be at the top of the page and 2) the ‘Sort By’ function is not rearranging the questions

  1. The ‘Latest Questions’ box, in the bottom half of the homepage:

– should these not be order by their recency? they seem to be going in the wrong direction (the first one is ‘4 months ago’, then ‘3 months ago, then 2 months ago, etc.

  1. The Popular Questions box in the bottom half of the homepage:

– these should be sorted by popularity – at the moment they seem to be sorted the same as Latest Questions – in reverse recent order – and they’re not displaying the actual most popular questions – they’re mirroring what’s in Latest Questions

  1. Unanswered Questions Widget – I’m not sure what’s being listed here – some of these questions have been answered
  2. The comment box seems to grow while you’re typing your comment
  3. How do I change the test on the submit button from “Ask Question” to “Ask A Question”?
  4. When typing a Question or Answer: adding links and images sometimes seem to cancel each other out if you try to post a link and an image at the same time (they don’t display). You can fix this by editing your post and trying again – then it seems to work. But everything you’ve posted should come through the first-time round

If I edit a comment that has already been made, all the HTML code comes through in the post (e.g. <p>the answer is… </p>

  1. The Search Function:

– At the moment search only works if there’s an exact matching question title
– If I type something in and press Enter, it just reloads the page, it doesn’t do any filtering
– Can we have a search function where you type in a keyword(s) and then are presented with a list of results matching that word? (e.g. I type in ‘Economics’ and will then be given a list of all questions containing the word ‘Economics’)
– If I type in the EXACT same question title when asking a new question, it will link me to that question that has already been asked – this is good and should remain as is.

  1. in the ‘Tags’ space – is it possible note that says ‘Separate tags with a comma (e.g. Economics, Physics, Theology)
  2. The tags are working well but it would be better if they were linked to Categories. For example, if I categorise a question as Physics and then search physics – the question will show up. But if I use Physics as a tag – it will be displayed separately from the category (i.e. there are 2 lists for Physics – one list that lists all questions categorised as Physics and 1 list that lists all questions tagged as physics) – it would be better if they were all combined.
  3. How do I make sure the Category Dropdown list is properly nested?
  4. If you click on a hyperlink posted in a question/answer it immediately redirects you to that link – it would be better if that link opened in a new tab so that the target link opens in a new window?
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answered 5 years ago

Thank for your feedback, I sent and notified to our technical team about your question. We will check it now.

replied 5 years ago

Hi, is there any feedback on these issues?

replied 5 years ago

Hi, I still haven’t received any feedback on these issue – what is happening?

answered 5 years ago

Hi, just checking in to see if there has been any response from the technical team yet? It’s been over a week since I requested support on these issues.

answered 4 years ago

Any update here?

Dominic Staff
replied 4 years ago

1/ We have updated this feature.
2/These widgets have fixed and worked fine.
3/ At the moment, the plugin does not support to order on the homepage
4/ All the filter is working fine.
5/ Some the issue about the comment box and widgets have fixed.
6/ The plugin does not support to add the Tags as the Crowdcallr mentioned here.
7/ The search box will only filter by title.
8/ All the link in the question won’t open in a new tab.

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