Ibnul Hasan
asked 2 years ago

I’m a developer, writing on behalf of my client.

We bought this plugin and got that it’s a nice plugin to use. But we need to add “Quote” button on the editor.
When I’ve come to create a ticket here, I see that here in this form buttons are “Quote, numbered list” etc.
Also here options like “Visual and Text” editor.

My first question : Is there anyway to get in our website the same form buttons and editor in here?
otherwise, I’ve got that I’ve to customize the file in “dw-question-answer-pro/inc/Editor.php” because I am not successful to overwrite Editor.php file from child theme, I added style file correctly but PHP file is not working, i’ve added code below which is working here : 
name: “heading”,
action: SimpleMDE.toggleHeadingSmaller,
className: “fa fa-header”,
title: “Heading”
name: “unordered-list”,
action: SimpleMDE.toggleUnorderedList,
className: “fa fa-list”,
title: “Unordered List”
name: “quote”,
action: SimpleMDE.toggleBlockquote,
className: “fa fa-quote-left”,
title: “‘.__(“Quote”, ‘dwqa’).'”
My second question is : how can I overwrite PHP file from theme ?
Looking forward to getting a proper reply. If needed I can get token and connect plugin to Evanto

Please let me know the answers to my question.


1 Answers
answered 2 years ago

1. I think you have customized the dw-question-answer-pro/inc/Editor.php file. If you want to show full option on the Editor, you can go to the Dashboard > Questions > Settings then disable the Markdown Editor option. 

2. At the moment, the plugin does not support overriding the PHP file outside the templates folder. 

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