kit fieldgrass
asked 9 years ago

Love your themes, great work Jason.

I purchased the DW Argo theme after reading in your questions forum, that the psds were included.
Now , I understand from the argo user guide that the EDD plugins are what makes the shop page work…
However, I need to modify the design of the specific product pages and I had assumed, given there is no specific mention of the individual product pages in the user guide , the elements on this page were customisable through a psd. 
So Im assuming that to make customisations to the product pages is only possible through the back end customisation layout section? Are there any specific psds for the product page layouts or are these fully taken care of through  the edd plugins?
I ask because I assumed the design of the right hand sidebar was so similar to the argo theme that you have created a specific psd for the add to cart/variable product/ right hand side bar/
Many thanks


1 Answers
answered 9 years ago

I know what you want, however, our theme just support only index.psd file that you can download it from your profile. Sorry about that.

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