asked 5 years ago
I have a problem with the DW Q & A extension when asking a question.
Indeed, the user enters his question, the title, the category ...
but when he wants to send the question: the page does not recharge and always indicates the question as if it had not been sent.
While internally I get the question ...
Can you help me? Is there something I'm not doing correctly?
I can send you screenshots if you need to see it.

Thank you by advance,


Delphine C.




3 Answers
answered 5 years ago

In this case, please send me your username & password of your site for further checking. Also, you should send me a screenshot. 

answered 5 years ago

We have checked your site and tested with a submit question and see that the plugin still works fine. 

answered 5 years ago

You can go to the Dashboard > Questions > Settings > General > Question section > Before A Question Appears

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