asked 5 years ago

I have implemented a forum on my subdomain
For double security, we have locked the access to wp-admin area with another set of authentication(using .htacess inside wp-admi folder and creating a htpwd file to verify credentials). It works in all the sites made on wordpress, but not this.
It is continuously prompting for credentials even outside of the wp-admin area. browse through any question or answer and you will understand the problem.
Any help will be appreciated. Thanks !

1 Answers
answered 5 years ago

If you mentioning about the email and name fields. I think you have some mistake in this section. If you allow the anonymous user can submit question and answer, the anonymous user needs to insert this field to can submit question and answer. You can not remove these fields. Please let me know if this is not your issue and send me some screenshot for further checking. 

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