Johannes Gustavsson
asked 9 years ago

Hi there!

I bought the theme "DW Jason" yesterday, and I’ve been experiencing alot of problems while using it. Two of them:

1) The basic HTML (for example
and doesn’t work in the "Welcome"-texts on the front page.
2) I had problems with uploading the logotype. At first, it was way to small, and when I tried to upload a new file the logo-division just disappeared.

A friend of mine helped me with these issues, with a temporary solution, but it’s not fun to pay alot of money for a theme that doesn’t work.

What’s wrong?


1 Answers
answered 9 years ago

Thank for your purchasing in our product.
1: I have checked on our demo and see that our theme does not support to use the HTML in the Welcome box and it’s not issue. If you want to use the HTML, you can open the \wp-content\themes\dw-jason\inc\template-tags.php file, find the line 38.
Replace the following code:
echo '<div class="page-description">' . esc_html( dw_jason_get_theme_option( 'welcome_message' ) ) . '</div>';

With new code:
echo '<div class="page-description">' . dw_jason_get_theme_option( 'welcome_message' ) . '</div>';

2: About the logo, you can open the init.php file, find the line 25:
Replace the following code: add_image_size( 'logo', 65, 39 );

With new code: add_image_size( 'logo', 230, 90 );

If you have any issue or question, please let us know, we will check and help you resolve it as soon as possible.

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